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Salesforce & SAP consulting services

Salesforce & SAP consulting

Salesforce - SAP integration app

SAP-integrated Lightning Components for Salesforce

Excellence in technology consulting

System integration

Development of cloud solutions and products for customers and ourselves

AI, AR, robotics and IoT


High-quality business software products and consulting services


Salesforce & SAP consulting

Vigience implements digital business solutions on industry-leading products such as from Salesforce, SAP, Microsoft and Vigience. We help you to customize and to develop new features on these platforms.

Cloud integration consulting

Vigience is a visionary leader when it comes to integrated Salesforce and SAP solutions. We not only provide end-to-end integration consulting for SAP, Salesforce & other products but also provide finished integration apps.


Application Development

We help you build an app for your employees or customers. We help you launch a new SaaS service for your customers from scratch. We provide full stack development services on a range of platforms.

Product Concepts, Designs and Plans

We guide you all the way and help you envision, architect, design, build and run mobile and SaaS products. We have launched numerous apps, cloud products and add-ons for customers such as NEC, SAP or Vodafone.

Servicing leading IT providers and other customers since 2006

Put Digital At The Core
Of The Enterprise


Apply digital technology to change the way you do business and provide new revenue opportunities for yourself

Technology Change Is Driven By A Convergence Of Social, Mobile, And Cloud Technologies

“CIOs and digital leaders who have not implemented some form of digital business should do so or risk losing competitiveness.”
source: Gartner

Challenges & Approaches to Digital Transformations

  • Traditional industry boundaries are vanishing and now they are re-inventing themselves
  • Digital transformation is different for each company and may require multiple companies to work together to achieve
  • Don’t do old solutions on new technology (business impact is zero)
  • Treat internal and customer-facing engagements the same way as product development and leverage best practices (e.g. Scrum)
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) is key driver and measurement

Rapid Innovation is enabled through Bimodal IT*


Good software is about more than just writing good code and the most successful developers fail given the wrong setup and guidance. Vigience makes sure you focus on the right things and guides you from idea to success


  • Customer Voice: Needs-driven digital business vision & roadmap development
  • Mid- and Short-term vision: Out-of-the-box thinking, industry-leading vision
  • Digital Opportunities Capturing: Based on Cloud +Transformative App Opportunities

Build Business Prototypes

  • Solution Architecture: Cloud vs. On Premise, Cutting-Edge vs. Hype
  • Approach: Fast & Agile, Casting
  • Bimodal IT System and Data Architecture: Decouple systems of records from systems of engagement.

Ensure Business Outcomes

  • Strategy Development: Risks and Benefits-driven
  • Global Projects: Global Input and Global Delivery
  • Project Participation: Ensure smooth delivery using agile methodologies


Read our selected success stories and then contact us to learn how our customers transformed their business or launched a new product. How can we make you successful?

AI & Robotics in Manufacturing

Product Concepts, Designs and Plans; Application Development

Pepper is a humanoid robot sold by Softbank and designed with the ability to read emotions and has been called “the face of industry 4.0”. It’s link to IBM Watson – a platform for cognitive business – allows him to interaction in meaninful ways with humans.

Vigience works as part of a consortium lead by a leading Japanese automotive parts manufacturer on to goal to deploy Pepper in an industrial setting, i.e. modern factory environments. We have acquired leading-edge Pepper expertise by now and program Pepper to execute meaningful work side-by-side with humans. This can include performing routine inspection tasks. He will monitor equipment automatically and report back. Remote operators can see what Pepper sees and fine-control his movement, his head/eyes, arms and speech.
See SCCIJ interview with Markus Stierli for more details


Salesforce - SAP CRM Integrated Sales Solution


A global manufacturer in the chemical industry chose both SAP CRM and to run their sales process.

Vigience integrated SAP CRM with and synchronizes Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Business Partners and Quotations.

Combine the power of SAP with the user-friendly Salesforce cloud app. The integration was configured using our Overcast Enterprise Gateway, which allows for Salesforce Connect integrations, Data Synchronizations and Process Integrations.

icon-salesforce icon-sap icon-overcast

Collaborative Task Management Solution


An IT management and hosting provider of virtual office solutions and data center solutions to hundreds of customers got a cloud-based collaboration portal from Vigience for in-house  use and reselling purposes.

All files and technical information are stored in secure customer workspaces and Wikis. This makes the information sharing efficient. Work assignments and internal workflows/processes are managed through an efficient, modern task management application.


IT Project Turnaround and Interim CTO

Application Development

A SaaS provider (125+ employees, 1000+ customers) struggled with severe quality, performance and development speed issues that led to many customer complaints, Vigience staff came to the rescue by providing interim development management functions.

Vigience staff took over the head of R&D / CTO function and managed the technical and development operations. Within months, the team was on top of the structural quality issues and started to output new innovations again.


Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation

Salesforce & SAP consulting

A well known media group and publisher of a leading German-language newspaper chose to optimize their CRM processes.

Vigience provided a fast implementation of to manage their sales processes efficiently and effectively and developed a few smaller extensions to the standard functionality in order to make the solution fit.


Employee Onboarding Task/Workflow Management

QuiXilver; Product Concepts,
Designs and Plans

Switzerland’s leading, dedicated HR expert, HR Campus, identified a common need among its customers for a guided On- and Off boarding solution for new employees joining a company.


Vigience partnered with HR Campus to build this SaaS-based onboarding solution which can be integrated with SAP HCM, SuccessFactors and Umantis. HR Campus markets the whole solution under the brand “Onboarding swiss+”.


Innovative Manufacturing Solution based on Salesforce & SAP

Salesforce & SAP consulting; Overcast

Swissbit, a globally active European high-tech manufacturer, got more efficient, fully traceable working processes and effective methods of forecasting through the integration of their SAP ERP into their Salesforce.

Vigience implemented a constant synchronization of customer, material and order data so that all the data is always the same in both systems. End-to-end integrated industry-specific add-ons allow them to increase their sales and service levels significantly.

icon-sap icon-salesforce

Mobile Asset Management Solution Based on SAP

SAP consulting

The New Zealand government’s Department of Conservation inspects and manages their national park infrastructure using SAP and mobile applications. Up to 600 rangers perform these inspections in the field and record service notifications.

Vigience worked with SAP and the customer’s implementation partner by designing and building out the mobile infrastructure and SAP mobile asset management application. In the process, we sped up the average UI response time 7 times and implemented a new UX to support the mobile work routine better.

read article


Content Production, QA & Publishing Workflow/Task Managment Solution


The British Medical Journal is one of the world’s top four medical journals helping doctors make better decisions. BMJ are a leader in digital publishing and famous for its peer-reviewed specialist journals.


BMJ selected Vigience to implement a workflow solution that powers the quality-assurance and publishing process coordinating in-house teams of clinical writers, editors, health economists and information specialists with a unique network of experts in the field.


Salesforce-SAP Integration App and Components

Product Concepts, Designs and Plans; Application Development; Overcast

Our long-term customer and partner, the NEC group, is a large provider of public sector, telecom carrier, enterprise and system platform solutions. They provide among others enterprise software implementation services for software such as SAP or Salesforce.

Understanding that a tight SAP integration is important for any future SaaS solution, as well as in order to differentiate themselves from their competition, NEC asked Vigience to jointly develop a middleware product to enable to effectively connect cloud products based on or Microsoft Office365 to various on premise systems such as SAP, legacy systems and modern systems based on open web service standards.

Vigience developed and maintains the Overcast Enterprise Gateway iPaaS which NEC markets and resells.

icon-salesforce icon-overcast

TeleOffice: Web Meetings + Collaborative Whiteboard

Product Concepts, Designs and Plans; Application Development

SHARP TeleOffice is a SaaS offering for meaningful remote interactions on presentations, videos and whiteboards. Present ideas by drawing and erasing information on a virtual whiteboard or annotate documents on screen.

Vigience was chosen to convert SHARP’s vision to reality and build the entire enterprise cloud-based service which runs on both SHARP BIG PAD hardware, participants’ own laptops or their iPhone, iPad or Android smartphones/tablets.

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We run digital transformation projects based on solutions from,
SAP and Vigience for medium to large enterprises.

The IT industry is changing at an ever faster pace. The result are dramatically reduced costs associated with IT projects, less risk and much higher IT agility. Digital transformation is happening and traditional industry boundaries are vanishing as they are re-inventing themselves.

This rapid innovation is enabled through the practice of managing two separate, coherent modes of IT delivery, one focused on stability and the other on agility (“Bimodal IT”). Cloud products play an important role in providing that agility and we advise our customers on cloud-migration strategies and realize innovative projects in this space.

Vigience consults its customers in this new world of cloud computing (SaaS), Mobile Business and SAP. Let us help you implement connected cloud solutions as well as cloud strategies that let you have it both: agility & stability.

The key difference: our significant experience in two-speed, Bimodal IT strategies (our Overcast Enterprise Gateway as an enabler thereof) paired with consultants that have both significant experience in Systems of Record (SAP, …) and Systems of Engagement (Salesforce, Microsoft, ..)

  • Overcast Enterprise Gateway

    connects the OnPremise world with the Cloud and today for instance offers the most advanced Salesforce to SAP integrations in a really simple manner: ready-to-use “SAP Lightning Components for Salesforce” combined with “configure-your-own integrations”.
    A Vigience product – read more

  • SAP

    our former employer – provides with SAP ERP the world’s leading enterprise software which is essential to running core business processes such as Financials, Manufacturing or Payroll at large enterprises. We extend SAP ERP, integrate with it and make SAP fun to use for everybody.


    is the leading customer-engagement solution empowering Sales, Service and Marketing departments, as well as customer-facing apps. Its extremely powerful platform features make it a platform of choice to innovate and engage customers (apps, web sites).

  • Microsoft SharePoint

    is emerging more and more as a standard for document-centric business processes and workflows. We help companies implement SAP-connected, end-user facing solutions on SharePoint.

  • QuiXilver

    offers a modern, collaborative task/workflow management solution to help leaders manage teams effectively and optimize repetitive processes. Get a competitive advantage by customizing QuiXilver to your needs.
    A Vigience product – read more

  • Custom solutions

    As long-term enterprise software solution developers, we live and love technology and are able to provide you tailor-made solutions or manage software development projects not matter the underlying technology used.

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Since 2006, Vigience has been providing high-quality, innovative, cutting edge technology solutions
to other IT providers and end customers


Hands-on, vigilant and experienced – business software experts dedicated to your success

The Vigience team started as a spin-off from a former SAP Labs Technology R&D team. Its founders worked many years at SAP in charge of developing global SAP products in the space of Business API development, mobile infrastructure and mobile business applications. Today, Vigience developers and consultants are experts in a number of products beyond SAP and advise Fortune500 companies and SMBs alike.

Markus Stierli

Markus Stierli

  • Founder + CEO, Vigience
  • Board Member, iDeep Global Labs (SHARP group)
  • Solution Architect / Chief Architect, Mobile Business, SAP
  • Director, Technology R&D / Internet Business Framework, SAP
Andrew McLeod

Andrew McLeod

  • Founder + CTO, Vigience
  • Global Engineering Services lead, Mobile Business, SAP
  • Senior Software Engineer / Client Account Manager, Fusion Systems Japan
  • Researcher at Japan’s Communications Research Laboratory’s Space Weather division
Ryusaku Kuhara

Ryusaku Kuhara

Head of Sales
  • Head of Sales, Vigience
  • Senior Project Manager, Vigience
  • Developer / Consultant, Internet Business Framework and Mobile Business, SAP
  • Academy Trainer, FI/CO, SAP
Takaaki Shimazaki

Takaaki Shimazaki

Head of Solution & Service Delivery – Japan
  • Solution and service delivery team leader, Vigience
  • Principal Consultant, Vigience
  • Principal SAP consultant and project manager, HP
  • Senior Software Developer, SAP
Jason Cherry

Jason Cherry

Head of Solution & Service Delivery – USA/Europe
  • Solution and service delivery team leader, Vigience
  • CTO and EVP for iDeep Solutions (Sharp subsidiary)
  • Principal Consultant, Vigience
  • Senior Software Developer, Mobile Business / Custom Development, SAP
Asako Fukuda

Asako Fukuda

Head of HR, Finance & Admin
  • Head of Human Resources, General Administration and Finance, Vigience
  • General Administration and HR, Vigience
  • International Liaison & Coordination, Defense Trading Company
  • Asset Management, GE Real Estate

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