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Connect SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Mulesoft & web services in hours

Integrate any backoffice data, business process or UI into Salesforce

Overcast provides Salesforce add-on functionality for SAP ERP users

Vigience Overcast

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Vigience Overcast
Vigience Overcast

Run your entire sales and service business directly within Salesforce

Connect SAP ERP & more to manage 100% of your quote-to-cash and customer service processes in Salesforce


Trailblazers for connected manufacturing, CPG and utility CRM solutions

Vigience Overcast Customer

Overcast Solution Concept

Configurable SAP and non-SAP “Integrations as a Product”

Overcast Solution Concept

Vigience Overcast offers pre-built, configurable applications and end-to-end integrated business processes that enable your users to perform all their work 100% inside of Salesforce without having to switch between Salesforce and backoffice systems. As a result, your sales & service staff will be able to service your customers faster and better.

  • 150+ ready-to-use integrations for SAP
  • Integration packages for Microsoft and Oracle
  • Point & click configure any integration

The realtime Overcast Components provide a virtual read/write view on backend data and include UI & Integration.

The Overcast data synchronizations synchronize the necessary data between backend and Salesforce where it makes sense to copy data.


Leverage Overcast as a standalone iPaaS to connect any frontend to any backend

Embedded deployment (default)

Overcast is optimized for Salesforce-to-X integrations and turns Salesforce into a portal for any data. Install Overcast into the Salesforce org where the data is used and integrate by copy or by reference. Leverage the many pre-built pre-integrated Overcast Components.

  • Salesforce ISV app for Salesforce customers
  • Turn Salesforce into a portal for any application
  • Rich prebuilt Salesforce add-on applications
Overcast - Embedded deployment

Central hub deployment

Use Overcast as a standalone iPaaS to connect any system of engagement to any backend. Overcast synchronizes data across all systems. Overcast applications and REST APIs offer secure access to SAP (e.g. read or post sales orders or access SAP inventory, ATP and live pricing).

  • Standalone Integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS)
  • Connect non-Salesforce platform applications to SAP
  • Data Synchronization and API development
Overcast - Central hub deployment
Webinar Salesforce SAP Integration


“We love integration that makes companies more efficient, connects the people within and externally, and gives insight to change and grow. Vigience has a great product that runs within Salesforce (Overcast) to allow for seamless connectivity and allows sales and service people the visibility they need to do their jobs.”

Watch our webinar with Charles Sigmon from Kliqxe and Markus Stierli from Vigience and get to see a live demo of Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud to SAP integration.

“Today, most modern enterprises rely on a de-facto enterprise software solution architecture, built on SAP and Salesforce. However, to allow end users to truly benefit from the Salesforce and SAP implementation, the two systems need to be deeply connected and synced in real-time, as enabled by Overcast.“

Markus Stierli, Vigience CEO