Are your salesreps complete?

We run Overcast to configure, quote, price and service analytical instruments.

We run Overcast so our call center agents can provide better customer service

Vigience Overcast

Overcast by Vigience – connects Salesforce to SAP (and more)

Overcast provides true real-time SAP integration for Salesforce CRM

Provide better connected and complete user experiences by connecting Salesforce seamlessly to SAP and other on-premise systems in minutes with Overcast.

View and create SAP sales orders in your Salesforce UI based on SAP pricing and product availability, or view the shipment status real-time.

Pre-integrated and highly customizable Overcast Components provide typical SAP integrations out-of-the-box and allow you to go live in days.

Solution Architecture

We believe Salesforce is going to be THE engagement layer on top of SAP in the next 20 years

Today, most modern enterprises rely on a de-facto enterprise software solution architecture, built on SAP and Salesforce. However, to allow end users to truly benefit from the Salesforce and SAP implementation, the two systems need to be deeply connected and synced in real-time, as enabled by Overcast .

System of Engagement ​(Salesforce)

Where business is run and ideas are born

  • Dynamic business processes ​
  • Derive competitive advantage​
  • Easy to configure and customize even by non-developers

System of Record (SAP)

The backbone of business

  • Infrequent/incremental changes
  • Authoritative data source
  • Stable and defined global processes​

The SAP + Salesforce + Overcast solution architecture allows you to engage your customers in new and meaningful ways: provide your sales reps the tools to service your customers faster and better, design integrated service experiences or configure powerful self-service portals for your sales agencies and end-customers.

For companies, upgrading to S/4HANA, the new SAP + Salesforce + Overcast solution architecture eliminates the need for using or re-implementing weak SAP modules and products. Instead, you can implement best-in-class Salesforce-based solutions e.g. in the areas of business workflow, field service, call centers or self-service communities, and seamlessly integrate them with SAP.

Salesforce is a powerful platform that offers benefits beyond CRM. Declaratively implement any type of business application without coding and within weeks. So, see S/4HANA upgrades as an opportunity to design optimized comprehensive solutions by leveraging the strengths – and avoiding the weaknesses – of both SAP and Salesforce and increase overall customer satisfaction and the value of your solution.

Integration Consulting

Vigience integration consulting services by the SAP-Salesforce experts

We offer Overcast-related integration consulting services (Overcast, Salesforce & SAP)

  • Engagement model: we work with you and/or your Salesforce SI
  • Solution delivery: from project support to full-service, end-to-end integration consulting
  • Business process advisory: help determine which processes/data stay in which systems
  • Integration architecture: help decide what data to synchronize vs. to access in real-time

Solution / Integration Architecture Consulting

Vigience experts guarantee integration success by working hand-in-hand with your respective Salesforce and SAP consulting partners or in-house experts to help you define the best possible end-to-end business process spanning across Salesforce, SAP and other SORs.


Helping companies discover and realize their full digital potential

Vigience is a specialized Salesforce ISV partner that enables advanced, highly connected Salesforce solutions. We provide “true real-time connectivity” between Salesforce and any on-premise systems-of-records (SOR). We believe that the state-of-the-art enterprise software architecture in the coming decades will consist of the Salesforce platform as a dynamic system-of-engagement (SOE) on top of SAP S/4HANA as the system-of-record (SOR) that powers all key business processes. We further believe that one can only empower people to work and interact in new ways when frontend applications like Salesforce are deeply integrated with core backend processes and data. To make that all possible, Vigience develops, implements and distributes its unique product called “Overcast”.

The Vigience team started as a spin-off from the former SAP Technology R&D team. Its founders worked many years at SAP in charge of developing global SAP products in the space of API development, mobile infrastructure and mobile business applications.

Vigience is an engineering-driven organization and its employees are top software developers and consultants with in-depth developer-level knowledge of Salesforce & SAP. Most are either former SAP developers & architects from SAP development, are former Salesforce architects or come from other strong engineering backgrounds.​ Vigience developers and consultants work with Vigience customers, their implementation partners and Salesforce employees on a daily basis. They not only develop & implement Overcast but also often act as solution architects in some of the most interesting global enterprise software projects in the world today.


Hands-on, vigilant and experienced – business software experts dedicated to your success

Markus Stierli

  • Founder + CEO, Vigience
  • Labs Director, Head of Technology R&D, SAP
  • Solution Architect / Chief Architect, Mobile Business & NetWeaver Mobile, SAP
  • Manager, North East Asia Go-to-Market, SAP ERP 3.1 - 4.6, SAP

Ryusaku Kuhara

Head of Sales - Japan
  • Head of Sales, Vigience
  • Senior Project Manager, Vigience
  • Developer / Consultant, Internet Business Framework and Mobile Business, SAP
  • Academy Trainer, FI/CO, SAP

David Hoydic

Head of Sales – North America
  • VP of Sales, Vigience
  • Chief Revenue Officer, Sesame Software
  • VP of Sales and Marketing, Sesame Software
  • VP of Enterprise Sales, Sesame Software

Jason Cherry

CTO / Head of Solution & Service Delivery – USA
  • Solution and Service Delivery Team Leader, Vigience
  • CTO, TeleOffice collaboration platform, SHARP
  • Principal Consultant & TeleOffice BU lead, Vigience
  • Senior Software Developer, Mobile Business / Custom Development, SAP

Jan Bechtold

Head of Solution & Service Delivery – Europe
  • Solution and Service Delivery Team Leader, Vigience
  • Principal Cloud Architect and Solution Engineer, Salesforce
  • Client Technical Professional for Middleware, IBM
  • Certified Security Specialist, CISM, CISSP, CCSP, CIPM

Takaaki Shimazaki

Head of Solution & Service Delivery – Japan
  • Solution and Service Delivery Team Leader, Vigience
  • Principal Consultant, Vigience
  • Principal SAP consultant and project manager, Hewlett-Packard
  • Senior Software Developer, SAP

Alexander Ilg

Vice President Product Mangement Overcast
  • VP Product Management, Vigience
  • Managing Director, msc mobile
  • Consultant & Developer Mobile Business, SAP

Gerard Sexton

Head of Overcast Architecture
  • Overcast Architect, Vigience
  • Senior Software Developer & Salesforce Architect, Vigience
  • Development Consultant, Vigience

Yokomizu Nobuyuki

Head of Engineering
  • Head of Engineering, Vigience
  • Head of Technology & Product Development
  • Senior Software Developer, Vigience
  • Architect / Development leader, Hitachi Software Engineering

Helge Schönemann

Head of Marketing and Design
  • Head of Marketing and Design, Vigience
  • Senior User Experience Designer, Haufe
  • Product Expert Frontend, umantis
  • Project Leader Digital Media, com&on

Asako Fukuda

Head of HR, Finance & Admin
  • Head of Human Resources, General Administration and Finance, Vigience
  • General Administration and HR, Vigience
  • International Liaison & Coordination, Defense Trading Company
  • Asset Management, GE Real Estate

Sachiyo Ebara

Head of Talent Acquisition
  • Head of Talent Acquisition / Recruiting, Vigience
  • HR, Finance & Admin, Vigience
  • Marketing, Luxury Brand Conglomerate
  • Marketing & Sales Support, Mill Manufacturer

The #1 Salesforce-Native Integration App

  • Overcast is a Salesforce-native cloud integration service that lets you quickly and easily connect Salesforce to your SAP, Oracle, Microsoft and other on-premise applications.
  • No on-premise software or middleware installations.
  • Thousands of SAP business objects can be integrated in a point-and-click fashion.
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