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Frontend Architecture

Mix & match different frontend technologies for the optimal mix between user experience, development speed and solution maintainability! In a few simple steps, Overcast real-time integrations can be leveraged directly inside any existing standard Salesforce UI or within custom Salesforce Lightning Components. The Overcast Components provide a third option: extend the pre-built, standard Overcast Components or point & click build your own on the fly without writing code. The Overcast Component framework is metadata-driven and built on top of Salesforce Lightning.

Overcast Component Builder


Point & click configure Overcast Components while seeing a live preview of the SAP connected Lightning Component


Change icons and labels on the fly. Work with Salesforce custom labels to create fully translatable lightning components.


Connect multiple Overcast Component definitions into little mini-apps, e.g. “Widget” links to “List” links to “Detail” links to “Edit” or “New” screen


Add not only sections (e.g. “Header”, “Partners” or “Items”) and fields coming from the backend API but also custom sections and fields.


Data shown is filtered through parameters mapped from the context (e.g. if the Component is on the “Account” page, only show me data for the Account I am looking at). Alternatively, select the fields that the end user can use to provide filter criteria to the backend API.


Select which fields to display in which UI layout. Supported layouts are Salesforce Lightning Design System components such as Tile, List, Accordion, Toast, etc.


Dynamically pass Salesforce object or related object fields or other reference values to the Component

The Overcast Component Builder is the visual development tool to build and configure Overcast Components against any backend system or against any API from middlewares such as Mulesoft. Building re-usable UI components for Salesforce has never been easier or faster.

Change labels, select which fields to show where on the UI, decide if you want to show data as tiles or tables or add custom business logic in the form of Apex scripts within pre-determined Overcast Component Framework “extension points”.

While the visual UI development approach ensures fantastic development speed and ease-of-maintenance, the ability to seamlessly extend the metadata-driven Overcast Components with custom Lightning Components ensures you don’t ever have to make sacrifices in user experience.

  • The Overcast Component Builder

    The Component Builder is a point-and-click tool that makes it easy to create custom Lightning Components for the Salesforce mobile app and Lightning Experience.

  • Build your own Overcast Components

    Build your own customer Overcast Components against any backend. Leverage any Overcast real-time integration against a backend API or table and create a customized Lightning Component UI within minutes.

  • Customize the pre-built Overcast Components

    Customize, extend or clone the out-of-the-box Overcast Components developed and delivered by Vigience. With the Component Builder, fields can be removed or added in minutes and without writing code.

  • The Component Builder User Interface

    The Overcast Component Builder shows a live preview of the Component you are building with data from the system. Settings made on the left side can be previewed as they are made.

  • Optimized for complex business objects / APIs

    Unlike Salesforce, SAP works with complex business objects that mirror the physical world. An order manages header data, item data, schedule lines, business partners, and much more – all in one transaction.

  • Overcast Component “Component Types”

    Different Component Types are supported to build widgets, lists, detail pages or «order posters» to, for instance, create an SAP maintenance order from a Work Order or an SAP Inquiry from an Opportunity.

  • Overcast Components are Lightning Components

    The Overcast Components are native Salesforce Lightning Components that follow the Salesforce Lightning Design System (SLDS) and that can be used on any Salesforce page or in the Salesforce mobile app.

The #1 Salesforce-Native Integration App

  • Overcast is a Salesforce-native cloud integration service that lets you quickly and easily connect Salesforce to your SAP, Oracle, Microsoft and other on-premise applications.
  • No on-premise software or middleware installations.
  • Thousands of SAP business objects can be integrated in a point-and-click fashion.
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