Co-innovation Sharp and Vigience – introducing the Teleoffice

Combining the best of both worlds

Business Challenge

Sharp as a world leading technology company increasingly faces global competition with a high speed of innovation. Sharp with its deep and profound expertise in high-end hardware needed ready available expertise in complex cutting edge software projects to accelerate time to market drastically and to outperform the competition.


Sharp and Vigience jointly worked on the software foundation and applications of Sharp from idea to realization. They went through all the stages of productization starting with concept creation in the very beginning to set up the software foundation for the future based on most modern technologies. Vigience was the major ressource for the subsequent implementation effort. After the first successfully completed development cycle, Sharp and Vigience had to make a serious decision as how to best ensure longterm success of the TeleOffice in the future. Sharp and Vigience decided to spin-out the development teams of Vigience, which were responsible for the software development and merge it into Sharp’s own spin-out created to further market and sell the TeleOffice product: iDeep Solutions.

Sharp and iDeep Solutions outperformed the entire competition and were first to the market to sell a Teleoffice type of product. Sharp’s sophisticated hardware expertise and Vigience‘s flexible and powerful software skills combined with high synergy. All product developments were ahead of the scheduled time and within the estimated budget. Based on the speed and the quality of their product, iDeep Solutions will be the front-runner for the foreseeable future in its market segment.

Introducing TeleOffice

This is an older video taken in the 1st half of 2011. It shows the version 1 of the TeleOffice solution which Vigience developed for SHARP (follow the link for the success story). A lot of improvements were made in the meantime but still, the video is nice to look at.

TeleOffice is a cloud-based collaboration platform designed to improve the productivity and quality of meetings and minimize the use of paper documents. TeleOffice enables collaboration participants to view and share materials among a variety of user devices.

TeleOffice is provided today by iDeep Solutions Corporation, a fully-owned SHARP subsidiary. If you are interested, come visit one of our offices to see the new TeleOffice (and touch it).