Watch how we integrate Salesforce to SAP: 4 NEW demo videos

The following 4 demos were shown in our session at the  Customer Company Tour 2013 in Tokyo which give businesses an immediate value-add by integrating Salesforce with their SAP system.

Demo 1: Integrating your SAP data to Salesforce – in minutes, never leaving your Salesforce UI

This video shows how easy it can be to replicate data from SAP to Salesforce. In this case, we had a customer ask for specific information from their SAP Quotations to be replicated to Salesforce.

Demo 2: Customer reference Swissbit with their specific Salesforce CRM to SAP ERP integration solutionIn this video you can watch the syncing of a Salesforce opportunity to SAP’s ERP system. A highlight is the “Check Delivery Date” feature which lets the user in Salesforce check the delivery date availability of the product before committing the Sales Order to SAP.
Much in the same way as the delivery date check and the posting of a Sales Order to SAP, the customer master records and the product master records are being kept in sync between Salesforce and SAP.

Demo 3: Simplifying SAP user interfaces using visual forceThis video shows how you can enter your SAP Sales Orders using as your frontend and in real-time post the sales order in your SAP system. A great way to make a modern and friendly user interface for your SAP backend.

Demo 4: SAP Workflow business processes approved in Salesforce ChatterIn this video you can see how SAP Purchase Orders can be approved via a Chatter feed and then moved on to the next business process step governed in SAP.